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Stress-Free Discipline

Stress-Free Discipline gives you tested, unique, time-saving tools for tots-to-teens discipline!

This step-by-step plan not only reduces stress, it builds life-long love, teamwork, life skills and responsibility.

• Five expectation sets for children are realistic, gradually building complex skills. Expectation sets for parents help them set goals and experience friendly accountability on issues of their choice (usually related to essential chores, health or safety practices).
• Children master adult skills and values almost painlessly. Parents build parenting skills with help from their children! Negatives are minimized, releasing energy for building and bonding.
• Motivational rewards are simple, fun and
educational. enjoy parenting. Children enjoy
progressive growth in adult skills

Make Time for Love, Learn what you need to know,
Sources of stress

• Stress management
• Realistic goals & expectations

• Discipline & Teaching Skills
A "cheap "flexible system with built-in motivation

Grow into what you need to be
• Calm and competent
• Spiritually and emotionally mature
• Proactive
• Determined
• Educated
• Interdependent
• Self-disciplined

Enjoy having the Tools
• The plan
• Strategy
• Body language
• Skills
• Team support

The Right Discipline Causes Poor Behavior to Disappear & Right Choices to Begin.Before we can discipline our children we must train ourselves!

Free book supplied to participants.

Free class retakes
Practice Skills and Teamwork


For more Information on this program call 619-262-1633