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Computer Instruction

Learn And Practice Skills For:

Basic Computer Maintenance - Windows System Software
Microsoft - Word - Excel - Powerpoint
E-mail - Basic HTML - Trouble Shooting
Audio & Video

We offer computer courses for adults, seniors, teenagers, and children, which include comprehensive training from basic to advanced computer skills. Our goal is to teach you what you need to know, using patient, experienced and friendly instructors.

Our basic to advanced computer training curriculums are geared for those new to the computer as well as for those who wish to improve existing computer skills and to acquire skills for employment or specialized tasks.
Regardless of their experience and position, everyone should have some level of proficiency in personal computing skills to excel in their current job and maintain their competitiveness for career advancement.

About the Instructor
Lawrence C. Gaskin
Lawrence has more than 18 years of extensive experience working with Computers and teaching students and computer users of all levels. His philosophy is that everyone can and should learn to use a computer.

Lawrence has assised hundreds in learning and using their computers with basic skills in: how to connect to the world wide web, how to access E-mail and add attachments, how to recover lost mail and documents, how to fix simple web related problems as well as more sophisticated computer problems.

He is expert at instructing applications and other software programs from basic Windows programs to more advanced Windows based applications such as "Office" Audio and video capture applications. He is particularly experienced in PC maintenance, which includes how to clean and otherwise maintain a computer.

Our focus will be on PC platform. From construction of computers, to all parts and mechanisms including hardware and software programs.
Students will have hands on learning.

Our Mission:
To be friendly, kind & respectful to all participants and ensure each class is full of learning and discovey of new concepts and ideas about computers.

For Information on this program call 619-262-1633